Ashaiman construction update: March 2016

wit vilt en digester walls

Digester walls covered with white felt

This month the construction of the digester is practically finalized.

The large 27x27m square cavity was first covered with white felt to protect the black impermeable membrane at the bottom.




oranjebanden totaler

Support lines

In the middle a pole supports orange support lines and three mixing stands support the blue mixers.

The structure was then covered with a grey gas membrane which was in turn covered by a green sheet.



overview site

Ashaiman factory construction site


Here, you can see the Safi Sana area with the inflated digester membrane to the left and the laboratory and office buildings to right.

In April we will start the inoculation process which is essentially establishing the bio microbes which will sustain the production of bio-gas.

We will have further updates on the factory construction at the end of next month.

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