• 1. Improved toilets services
  • 2. Collection organic waste as source
  • 4. Biogas and electricity
  • 5. Organic fertiliser

What we do

Safi Sana is a social venture that collects toilet and organic waste streams from densely populated slums for treatment and production of organic fertiliser and electricity. With our products we serve a growing demand for urban waste treatment solutions, a demand for affordable and effective fertiliser products and a demand for renewable energy products.

Improved sanitation

To safeguard a stable and safe supply of waste, we develop high quality and affordable sanitation services for the community. More about sanitation

100% Waste re-use

All collected waste has a re-use purpose: to generate power and to provide valuable nutrients for poor soils through fertiliser and irrigation water. More about waste re-use

High impact

Our products and services have a strong impact on the social, environmental, economic and hygienic situation. More about our impact

Designed to replicate

The Safi Sana model is designed as a blue print for replication, with a focus on technology design, management and a sales organisation. More about our model