Featured partner: Aqua for All


Aqua for All is a foundation that strengthens ideas and initiatives that aim to provide people at the bottom of the pyramid with access to clean drinking water and good sanitation.

She is one of the founders of Safi Sana and probably the most important one. The idea to start Safi Sana came because people at Aqua for All traditionally saw many sanitation projects in which the main goal was to build toilets, without thinking of a proper solution for the generated waste. In most cases, the waste was simply dumped in the environment with serious consequences for people’s health and the environment.

The idea arose to use toilet waste as a resource with economic value, and to make waste a driver for sustainable sanitation. With a circular solution including toilet waste we have now closed the loop.

In the start-up phase Aqua for All provided financial support to get Safi Sana off the ground. Today Aqua for All still plays an important role: support the development of a project monitoring tool, in providing WASH expertise and in providing access to its huge network in the world of sanitation.

As such Safi Sana and Aqua for All continue to search for opportunities and maybe partnerships with other initiatives in which Aqua for All is involved.