Featured partner: ASHMA

Municipal Chief Executive, Mr Ibrahim Baidoo

Safi Sana is very happy to have a public-private partnership with Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (ASHMA) and strong support from its Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Mr Ibrahim Baidoo.

Sanitation and waste management is the responsibility of the local government, and Safi Sana’s work simply wouldn’t be possible without a successful public-private partnership. Since Mr Ibrahim Baidoo has taken office, a lot has changed in the area. He realises that proper sanitation and waste collection is key to a healthier, safer and more productive and convenient environment for its people, and so Safi Sana is very excited to be working with him and his colleagues.

Mr Baidoo says: ‘With Safi Sana I see a bright future for Ashaiman in terms of sanitation now that we have a partnership and Safi Sana collects waste and makes energy out of it.’

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