New factory in Ashaiman

Site of Ashaiman factory

In late 2015 we began the construction of a full-scale commercial factory in Ashaiman, urban slum near Accra, Ghana, with approximately 280,000 inhabitants.

Only 10% of Ashaiman’s local population have access to sanitation, as there is currently no formal waste treatment in Ashaiman. Safi Sana is going to change that.

Our new factory, which we expect to inaugurate in mid 2016, will positively impact the lives of 125,000 people. We will do this by providing them with better public toilets, better hygiene resulting in better overall health, a cleaner environment (because we collect organic waste), and increased awareness of the importance of good hygiene through our educational programs.

Location of Ashaiman and factory site

Annually, 50 hectares of land will be fertilized with our organic fertilizer Asase Gyefo, and about 3,000 households will benefit from our green power. The project will also create local job opportunities by employing local people from Ashaiman to man the plant.


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