New opportunities in 2016

Local children at Ashaiman

The opening of the Ashaiman factory in April 2016 brings with it a whole host of new opportunities, allowing for the impact of Safi Sana’s work to reach even further.

The Via Water project will use the Safi Sana factory outputs of organic fertilizer and irrigation water to test seeds, and produce more than a million seedlings in greenhouses next to the factory.

Ongoing construction

This year we are continuing to construct new public toilet facilities and rehabilitating existing ones, including a school toilet project.

2016 is the start of a new growth chapter for Safi Sana. Our objective is to have eight facilities similar to Ashaiman up and running by 2020, with a positive impact on more than 1 million people. We are on the lookout for potential locations, and looking for funding to achieve these goals.

Would you like to join us in exploring opportunities? Contact us here.

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