New toilet block at Church of Christ Basic School


Church of Christ Basic School

Together with the Church of Christ Basic School in Ashaiman, Safi Sana recently celebrated the opening of a thoroughly renovated school toilet facility.

This new facility was funded by Dutch schoolchildren from the Van der Muelen-Vastwijk school in Weesp, The Netherlands, who collected money by making and selling Christmas cards.


Cutting the ribbon

With the funds raised, Safi Sana Ghana Ltd was able to fund the renovation of the old and broken school toilet facilities in at the Church of Christ Basic School. Now, the Church of Christ Basic School is the proud owner of a brand new facility which includes 6 toilets, a dressing room for girls, and a shower.


Meeting the students

To ensure the children and staff of the Ashaiman school are well aware of the importance of keeping the facility clean and of how it should be used and maintained, Safi Sana has developed an educational program for them. The simple act of washing hands and having access to clean toilets will dramatically increase the chance that the school children grow up healthy and can attend school.

The toilet block will also be included in the circular Safi Sana programme. We will collect the toilet waste regularly and use it to make energy, irrigation water and organic fertiliser.

In line with Safi Sana’s model, collecting and properly disposing of this waste will help to protect the environment. Fertilizer and irrigation water generated from the factory will enable plants to grow and production yields to improve, and lamps can run on the green electricity generated.

This is just a small-scale example of Safi Sana’s work. Later this year, when our plant is fully operational, it will not only benefit the children of the Church of Christ Basic School, but about 125,000 people in the local community.

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