Teshie public toilet operational

December 2011 The public toilet in Teshie is now open! The operation is franchised to Jekora Ventures, a waste company in Accra. It is expected to service about 1,000 people per day and has both sitting (WC) and squat toilets. … Continue reading

Management contract Jekora Ventures Ltd.

October 2011 Jekora Ventures Ltd and Safi Sana Ghana Ltd signed the management contract for the operation of the public toilet in Teshie. Jekora Ventures Ltd is an established and successful waste collection company in the centre of Accra and … Continue reading

Teshie toilet block finished

October 2011 The construction of the Teshie toilet block (20-seater) has been finished. Safi Sana Ghana Ltd signed a management contract with the local Jekora Ventures Ltd. In the first year Jekora and Safi Sana will test the Safi Sana … Continue reading

Ashaiman: construction of CSB at Aforiwa market started

June 2011 After the start of the construction of a 20 seater in Teshie, we also started the construction of a 14 seater in Ashaiman. This CSB is located at the Aforiwa market in the north east corner of Ashaiman. … Continue reading

Proceedings Construction CSB 1: Teshie

June 2011 The construction of the CSB in Teshie is proceeding. Last month the highest point has been reached and this month (June) all the roofings are finished. This 20-seater has been completely plastered from inside, so the next main … Continue reading

Ashaiman: test toilet at pilot site

  March 2011 On 11th March we officially opened the pilot site in Ashaiman on which we are going to test the entire safi sana model: from toilet to waste treatment. On that day we also opened the small public … Continue reading

opening ceremony Teshie

Last February we started the construction of the first Communal Service Block (CSB) in Teshie. At the site there were two aqua privy toilets (20 seater) in a bad state, one still operational and the other not. One of the … Continue reading