Safi Sana Projects / Ghana

Safi Sana Factory (Ashaiman)

factory-balloon The Safi Sana plant in Ashaiman is fully operational. Local organic waste and the output of the Communal Service Blocks are collected and brought to this location. Every day, 1 tonne of waste is brought in, which will be increased to 25 tonnes per day as of the summer of 2016. This waste is treated in a number stages, resulting in biogas and organic fertilisers.

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Communal Service Block (Teshie)

teshieIn Teshie (a small city East of Accra), Safi Sana has established a Communal Service Block as a franchise concept. The block has been operational since November 2011. This toilet unit is a 20-seater public toilet with a concession stand for drinking water. The toilet block replaces an old toilet facility that was in an extremely poor, unhygienic state.

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Communal Service Block (Ashaiman)

ashaimanIn Ashaiman (city in the Accra region, Ghana), Safi Sana built a Communal Service Block of 14 toilets in 2012. The toilet is an ‘Enviroloo’ facility that needed to be replaced due to its unhygienic condition.

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Future Projects

Safi Sana is currently active in Ghana. Due to its comprehensive structure the organisation is easy to replicate. Our current plants serve as blueprints, which can be duplicated with minimum modifications to adapt to local market circumstances. Safi Sana aims to expand its activities to other parts of Ghana and beyond within two years. This will take place simultaneously.

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