Safi Sana team ETS wins New Business Challenge 2016!

winners + minister

Award winners and Ministers from left to right: Raymond Okrofu, Tiniwah Mensah, Paula Beens, Minister of Trade and Industry Dr. Ekow Spio Gabrah, Jeffrey Vos, Deputy Ambassador of the Dutch Embassy Caecilia Wijgers, Richard Nti Ampofo

Congratulations to Paula Beens, Richard Nti Ampofo, Jeffrey Vos and Tiniwah Mensah of the Safi Sana team ETS! We’re very proud of your work and highly impressed by the solutions you came up with.

The New Business Challenge 2016 was fought out by 10 teams, each formed of 2 Dutch and 2 Ghanaian students, who competed against each other to provide the best solutions to business case studies. The participating businesses were: Tony’s Chocolonely/Waka Waka, Koudijs, Landmapp, Maxim Nyansa IT solutions and Safi Sana.

Two teams worked on Safi Sana’s challenge this year. We provided our teams with a difficult task, mainly focused on our toilet block facility in Teshie. People continuously dump rubbish and defecate in the beach next to the toilet block, and, unsurprisingly, swimming and playing there poses serious health risks to the locals. Our question to the teams was: how can we encourage people to refrain from polluting the beach, and use our toilet while increasing profitability for the operator?

An innovative solution was needed and provided by the ETS team. They conducted extensive customer surveys to investigate the problem and found that education about hygiene and sanitation, rewards to users (introduction of Safi Sana membership) and improvement of services (providing of additional services and more care for the community by the management and operators) were the key to a profitable and successful business in Teshie.

Well done ETS team, and thank you for your hard work. As you said yourselves: the future is full of opportunities!

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