organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer re-extracts the raw materials from recycled waste, and in addition to macro and micro nutrients, it also contains organic material. Chemical fertilizers, however, are produced with resources from mining.

Chemical fertilizers contain the major ‘macro’ nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Our organic fertilizer, Asase Gyefo, also contains ‘micro’ nutrients and organic material.

Asase Gyefo®

Asase Gyefo®, Safi Sana’s own organic fertilizer, was developed in collaboration with scientists and other institutional partners.

During the development process, we considered the specific needs of local farmers with respect to their core crops: such as lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and maize. Our research was focused on determining the current production demands, so that we could use that information in order to create a perfect composition of our organic fertilizer, including macro and micro nutrients and removing harmful pathogens.

We also took into account the product form and the desired nutrient proportions. This information was used for the design and final production process, including waste processing. Therefore, our new organic fertilizer is a better choice, in terms of environmental sustainability.

For more info on our fertilizer, please visit the Asase Gyefo® website.