impact & achievements

Safi Sana’s objectives are to recycle waste to improve the hygiene conditions of the population, improve soil fertility and reduce the local energy deficiency. We do this by becoming a commercial, financially healthy organisation that uses profitability to retain independence. Safi Sana strives to contribute to the Sustainable Goals Agenda.

Our social impact

  • Living conditions and public health – Safi Sana’s model improves sanitation facilities and increases food safety.
  • People in need – Women and vulnerable groups are most likely to suffer from the inferior sanitation facilities. Clean and safe sanitation conditions contribute to their social emancipation and sense of self-respect. As one resident stated, “it provides us with dignity.”
  • Education – In collaboration with local and international NGOs, Safi Sana invests in social marketing activities to raise hygiene standards with the local communities.


In collaboration with a number of partners, Safi Sana continuously conducts research. Our objective is to use the plant not only for waste conversion, but also for hosting experiments by local students and/or researchers, from Ghana and beyond.

What have we achieved so far?

  • Signing Power Purchase agreement with Ghana Electricity Authorities to deliver the green electricity we produce to the Ghana grid
  • Passing Environmental Impact Assessment EPA Ghana (environmental certificate for our Ashaiman factory)
  • Safi Sana students team ETC winning the 2016 edition of the New Business Challenge Ghana
  • Winning Sarphati Award for young entrepreneurs at International World Water Week in November 2015
  • Hosting a visit by President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, to our Ashaiman factory
  • Strengthening and implementing our critical data monitoring systems, for real-time tracking of data on impact, customers and operations
  • Participating in Via Water project to produce more than a million seedings, using organic fertiliser and irrigation water from our Ashaiman factory
  • Establishing link to with the help of IFDC, to help train farmers and establish distribution channel for our organic fertiliser
  • Training more than a thousand people
  • Joining New Business Challenge Netherlands-Ghana
  • Winning NBC ‘Doing Business in Africa’ award in November 2017