Innovative agronomy for Ghana’s future

Sonia Folikumah, Safi’s Seedling and Fertilizer Plant Coordinator, is an agronomist with a passion for improving Ghana’s agricultural sector. She talks to us about her professional background and what she finds most motivating about her day-to-day work. Becoming an agronomist … Continue reading

100% recycled: Our work on irrigation water

Head of Business Development Tycho Vermeulen has been working closely with the Safi Sana team in Ghana to ensure that there is a clear market for the water produced in our factory. Safi Sana is well on the way to … Continue reading

The future of waste in Accra

Born and raised in the Ghanaian capital of Accra, our Project Accountant Francis Owusu knows about the need for Safi Sana’s work first-hand. Here, he gives us his perspective of Safi’s work in Accra, and how he plans to contribute … Continue reading