who we are

Safi Sana is a dynamic social enterprise established in the Netherlands in 2010.

By converting organic and faecal waste into electricity, soil conditioner and irrigation water, innovative waste-to-resource factories have the potential to deliver huge economic impact in developing countries, as well as vast improvements to health and sanitation in slum communities.

The Safi Sana philosophy

As a business-driven social venture, rather than a development or aid organization, support to the local population is driven by a market-driven approach, working together with national and local governments, NGOs and the private sector.

The ‘tri-partite’ philosophy combines government support, social and sustainable values and a commercial business plan, allowing us to run a stable and financially sound company. Safi Sana is an expert facilitator throughout the process, providing in-house expertise for all elements of the circular economy.

At the local level, the approach is two-fold:

  • Establishing a production and sales company for green energy and bio-fertilizer;
  • Providing local entrepreneurs with new skills, such as managerial experience, marketing support and sales guidance.

Founding organizations

To learn more about how Safi Sana started, click here.

A blueprint for replication

Our designs are replicable, scalable and adaptable and we have ambitious plans for the future. To learn more, click here.

Career Opportunities

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